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  • Email asking to be added to the board group.
  • An ARM compiler and build environment. If you do your development on corn-syrup this is already set up for you.
  • Basic working knowledge of GNU screen.

Compiling and Running Your First Program

We have modified the busy-wait I/O library used by CS 452 to work with the TS-7800. The following steps explain how to compile and run the test application on the TS-7800. These steps should be completed on corn-syrup.

git clone
cd ts7800-bwio
  • Build the test application:
make CC=arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc
  • Create yourself a directory on our TFTP server (caffeine):
ssh caffeine mkdir -p /srv/tftp/ARM/$USER
  • Copy the test application (bin/iotest) to your directory on the TFTP server.
scp bin/iotest caffeine:/srv/tftp/ARM/$USER/
  • Run become_board to attach to the TS-7800 screen session.
  • Reboot the board from the radreboot window. Press C-a 1 (control-A, then 1) to switch windows, then press enter to reboot.
  • Execute your test program on the board. Press C-a 0 (control-A, then 0) to switch windows. Replace $USER by your user name.
tftp ARM/$USER/iotest

If all goes well, you should see the following output:

Hello world.
Well, hello world23.
-23 worlds for 1 person.
ffffffe9 worlds for 723 people.

If you press any key the board will reboot.