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It might be nice to get in touch with our alumni. We have memberlists going back to 73 or so, and the old alums are still alive so we might be able to complete our records back into the late 60s. It might also be nice to have a quarterly newsletter to them and to solicit talks, donations, and in general build an active alum community. Since we are now way past our 50th anniversary we can't use that for reunion technologies (we could, of course, use a different arbitrary number, like 64). The memberlists are in FC1 under the tab old memberlists until they become digital.

This will be a big project, perhaps an enterprising President could contact the Office of Alumni Affairs for help or something.

CSC Expat Community (CEC!?!?!?)

One option is to allow this to happen more organically by providing graduating and recently graduated members that we are still in touch with tools to stick together and connect with new CSCers who are on co-op. Some specifics that could be done:

  • csc-city mailing lists?
  • A CSC Wiki page listing 'correct' establishments frequented by CSCers in foreign cities.
  • ????
  • Cities for initial focus: SF/Things you can BART/Caltrain to, Toronto, Seattle, New York, maybe Boston, maybe Montreal
  • Should also try to stay in better contact with KW Alumni. Maybe an alumni pub night or something? Should contact sdt about this.