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== Systems ==
== Systems ==

==== Mirror ===
=== Mirror ===


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There is a planned power outage in MC from Tuesday, August 21 to Friday, August 24. There is also a one-day outage in DC.





The CSC website is a static site, and will be straightforward to maintain during the outage.

All user and club sites are hosted in home directories (which are unavailable), so we will display an outage page (with a 503 status code).


Since the outage is for a week, we need to maintain email services during the outage. An initial plan by ztseguin and jxrypde:

  • rsync users' .forward, .procmailrc and .maildir to a local directory on mail, allowing mail to continue as expected

However, this requires:

  • Users not reference any scripts, programs, etc. in their procmailrc file that reference things in their homedirectoy

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