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Proposed Budget

Spring 2012
* MathSoc Members 151
* Non-MathSoc Members 120
* Membership Fees ??
Social Events
* CSC Goes Outside. Est. Turnout: 25-30. Frisbee, campfire, food. $60 Food. $40 other supplies.
* Movie night. Can we co-operate with movie director position/budget?
Academic Events
* 3 Code Parties 180
* CSC CTF. food+prizes 150
* Member Talks
* Prof talks? Budget N as afford, most would be for carry-over to fall
* RIM event. ask ehashman.
Events Total
Office Supplies
* CDs
* Whiteboard Markers
* Handvac for keyboards
Office Supplies Total
* Tool shelf/box type thing for tools
* Bead box for electronics components
* corn-syrup replacement drives (2x 500GB drives) 2x$100??
* Hardware for HFCS
* 2x Computer mice. $80
Technology Total
* Bank Fees
Miscellaneous Total
Total Expenses
Requested Funding
MathSoc Funding Cap