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The amount of funding we get is determined by MathSoc policy 4 (see http://www.mathsoc.uwaterloo.ca/pinkbook.php). In particular, the maximum amount of funding is proportional to the number of full members we have.

1.k).vi.iv. A recognized Club may apply to the Society for funding by submitting a budget proposal to the Vice-President, Finances within the first three weeks of the term
            for which they are seeking funding.

Recruitment and election funding

1.k).vi.v At the beginning of each term, a recognized Club is entitled to the following, over and above their budget proposal:
  1.k).vi.v.i. a fifty dollar ($50) budget for recruiting activities and
  1.k).vi.v.ii. a twenty dollar ($20) budget for elections
  Only expenditures deemed reasonable for their respective purposes, in the estimation of the Vice President, Finances, may be applied to the respective amounts.

In Winter 2008, we ran our first recruitment drive. We gave out 4 free pops to people who registered for the current term. In order to keep track of who was entitled to pops, we gave people red tickets (stored in the desk in the CSC).

We've noticed that people on co-op terms tend not to pay for membership during their co-op term. A suggestion is to allow people to sign-up for 2 terms at a price of $3.

Membership list

1.k).vi.vi. A recognized Club must present to the Society a list of its members before or with its proposed budget. An acceptable membership list will consist of the names of
            members as well as at least one corresponding University issued unique identifier, including but not limited to UWDir ID, or Student Identification number. An 
            electronic copy of this list must be submitted to the Director of Internal Affairs.

In order to generate this memberlist, 'ceo memberlist' can be used. The following script prints out the number of full members:

REGEX="(mat/|vpa/se|computer science|math)"

echo -n 'Members with Math/CS as their program: '
ceo memberlist | egrep -i "$REGEX" | egrep -v $BADUSERS | wc -l

The Budget

1.k).vi.vii. The Society will allocate funds to the Clubs on the basis of the submitted budget proposal, in accordance with, but not necessarily limited to, the following
  1.k).vi.vii.i. A Club may not receive in funding from the Society an amount greater than that determined by the following formula: 
                 [(Student Fee) – (Dedicated Revenues) + (Club Fee)] X (Club Membership)
                 Where “Student Fee” refers to the present fee collected by the Society on the University tuition fee bill, and where “Dedicated Revenues” refers to portions of
                 the ‘Student Fee” that are dedicated to specific funds or external organizations, including but not limited to mathNEWS and the Capital Improvements Fund, and
                 where “Club Fee” refers to the fee levied by the Club in accordance with this Policy, possibly zero, and where “Club Membership” refers to the number of Full Members
                 of the Club, as indicated by the most recently received list submitted by the Club and verified by the Director or Internal Affairs.
 1.k).vi.vii.ii. The appropriateness of any given budget item in light of the stated purpose of the Club and the financial state of the Society.

It is worth noting that MathSoc essentially matches our membership fee. When submitting budgets, we are required to include membership revenues. Currently, as per the above formula, MathSoc will give us about $11.50 per member. In the past, MathSoc has had very few complaints about the appropriateness of our budgets. We typically ask for:

  • Hardware; in the past, we've asked for up to $1500 worth of hardware and have had it approved.
  • Office supplies; usually $100 or so.
  • Food for talks and events: usually $200 or so.
  • Advertising for talks and events: usually $200 or so.

Submitting expense forms

1.k).vi.viii. Clubs shall receive their funding following an activity upon submitting an Expense Reimbursement Form to the Vice-President, Finances. The Vice-President, Finances
              may dispense funds prior to an activity, but the Club must submit an Expense Reimbursement Form afterward in order to reconcile the difference.
  1.k).vi.viii.i. The Vice President, Finances may withhold reimbursements to a Club deemed to be delinquent in its duties as prescribed by this Policy as advised by the Director
                  of Internal Affairs. If this becomes the case, the Vice President, Finances will give written notice to the executive of the Club, detailing the rationale for
                  withholding reimbursement and what steps must be taken in order to fulfill the duties of the Club.

It is the treasurer's responsibility to submit expense forms to MathSoc, and to ensure that MathSoc issues the CSClub cheques accordingly.