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ceo is the CSC member creation and administration interface. It was originally written in perl by persons of mysterious-ness, and was re-written in python by Michael Spang in early 2007. The source-code for ceo can be found in git: csclub:/users/git/public/pyceo.git.


ceo can be accessed by running the "ceo" command from a terminal, or terminal emulator.

Command-line Mode

Run ceo --help to see a list of command-line utilities.

Adding a New Member

After a new member has paid the membership fee and signed the Machine Usage Policy forms, a new member account is added to the CSC system by selecing "New Member" in ceo and following the on-screen instructions. The new member's username is to be identical to their NEXUS username, if applicable. For NEXUS users, the name and program fields will automatically be filled after a username is provided.

Renewing/Extending a Membership

A membership can be renewed or extended by selecting "Renew Membership" in the ceo interface.

Hosted Clubs

Clubs are hosted free of charge. To create a new club account use the "New Club" option in the ceo interface.

Club Representatives

At this time, there is no limit to the number of representatives a club may have, but representative accounts must be registered with the "New Club Rep" option, and renewed with the "Renew Club Rep" option.

Other Club Features

For access to features beyond basic hosting (ie, databases), one of the club representatives will need to email the Systems Committee to have this set up.

Feature Requests and Ideas

  • Manage exec, positions, syscom, etc... aliases in /etc/aliases
  • Create a graphical and/or online version of ceo
  • Add new members to fuse and plugdev groups
  • Create library system
  • You should be able to hit a letter in a menu and go to the next menu item. For example, hitting 'L' in the main menu should go to Library.