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CEO is the CSC member creation and administration interface. CEO was originally written in perl by persons of mysterious-ness. CEO was re-written in python by Michael Spang in early 2007.

Feature Requests and Ideas

  • 'New member' should prompt for userid and then use uwldap to pre-fill name and program
  • Merge 'New member' and 'Create an account'
  • Remove 'Library functions', as they are now in koha
  • Manage exec positions with ceo
    • The positions should be stored in LDAP
    • CEO should prompt for each position (pre-filling with the current position holder)
    • CEO should then update ldap and regenerate aliases
      • We would have an /etc/aliases.exec or something
    • The exec xml would be auto-generated from LDAP
  • 'Register for a term' should pre-fill term with the current term
  • Manage office staff and syscom
  • Integrate club creation and sudo management
  • Create a graphical version of CEO

Magnetic Strip Member Card Proposal

Another idea for the CSC is to have a magnetic strip (MagStripe), membership card which stores part of the account data on the card. CEO and our existing library system can integrate with the card allowing member renewals to occur with the swipe of a card, or library books getting checked in/out via a card swipe. We may wish to have magstripe integration within CEO in the future.