Cross Compiling

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The current list of installed cross-compilers on builder is:

  • alpha
  • arm
  • hppa (binutils only)
  • i486
  • ia64
  • m68k
  • mips
  • mipsel
  • powerpc
  • sparc
  • x86_64

Compiling a toolchain

  • export ARCH=architecture (arm, i386, etc...)
  • Install apt-cross, dpkg-cross, autoconf, automake, gawk, flex, bison, debhelper, devscripts, cdbs, fakeroot
  • Run 'apt-cross -a $ARCH linux-kernel-headers libc6 libc6-dev'
  • 'apt-get source' binutils and gcc-4.1
  • cd binutils and run:
    • TARGET=$ARCH-linux-gnu fakeroot debian/rules binary-cross
  • Install resulting cross binutils
  • cd gcc-4.1 and run:
    • export GCC_TARGET=$ARCH
    • export DEB_CROSS_INDEPENDENT=yes
    • export WITHOUT_LANG=java,fortran,pascal,obj,obj-c++,ada,treelang
    • export DEB_CROSS_NO_BIARCH=yes
    • debian/rules control
    • dpkg-buildpackage -b -rfakeroot
  • Install resulting cross gcc-4.1

It's generally useful to upload these built packages to the CSC debian repository. To do this you need to scp the .deb's over to natural-flavours and run 'rrr includedeb etch deb-files...'.


Emdebian is the Debian project responsible for dpkg-cross, apt-cross, and emdebian-tools.


Dpkg-cross is a version of dpkg that allows you to install architecture-specific libraries in an isolated way. For example, dpkg-cross will build a package called libc6-mips-cross from the mips libc6 package. This cross package can then be installed alongside the mips cross-compiler.


Apt-cross is a front-end to dpkg-cross. It will automatically fetch and build cross packages.


Emdebuild is an architecture aware version of debuild.


  • DEB_TARGET_GNU_TYPE=sparc-sun-solaris2.8
  • DEB_TARGET_ALIAS=sparc-sun-solaris2.8
  • DEB_TARGET_ARCH=sparc-sun-solaris2.8