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This is a mailing list used to allow employers and other organizations to reach CSC members and other interested students on an opt-in basis. Though messages to the list are moderated to reduce spam, the Computer Science Club does not necessarily endorse any of these organizations or their messages.

It is a one-way communication channel; if you are interested in the messages you should contact the sender via the email address or URL given. If you wish to discuss a message, you may do so in the newsgroup.

If you have concerns about messages sent to csc-industry, you should contact the executive.

For more information on industry postings, see Industry Opportunities.

csc-industry Posting Guidelines

  • The purpose of csc-industry is for posts that are not necessarily of general interest to club members and are usually industry related. This includes but is not limited to posts regarding:
    • job postings
    • information sessions
    • recruiting sessions
    • conferences
    • workshops
    • industry-sponsored events
    • "wanted" ads
  • csc-industry is an opt-in mailing list. Those wishing to post to the list will be told that the list is opt-in and may not necessarily include all CSC members.
  • All information posted to csc-industry must be provided free-of-charge. Members should never have to pay to attend events or for information advertised on csc-industry.
  • Job postings, "wanted" ads, and similar postings should contain the following information:
    • estimated length and start of work position
    • remuneration
    • type of work (co-op, full-time, other)
    • location
    • company name
    • recruiter/contact name and contact information
  • Event postings (including but not limited to information sessions, recruiting sessions, conferences, and workshops) should contain the following information:
    • date
    • time/duration
    • location
    • sponsors
    • summary and purpose of event
  • Other kinds of posts should contain enough information to not require further follow-up by members, and will be approved at the discretion of the executive.
  • The Club executive have the final say in all posts made to csc-industry. Posts may be rejected with a request for modification, redirected to other mailing lists, rejected entirely, or otherwise managed at the sole discretion of the executive.