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A collection of ad-hoc hodge-podge scripts that provide various services. Ridiculous and hilariously over-engineered. Some of the services are defined below:


Due to the aforementioned ridiculous overengineering, its somewhat fragile. To restart it, become_club cscbot then ~cscbot/bin/start

Office State

updates the channel topic in #csc with "office: open" or "office: closed" depending on the feedback from the webcams


Moderate and judge rap battles. In a state of not working


  • cscbot: battle challenge <nick>
  • cscbot: battle accept
  • cscbot: battle gg
  • cscbot: battle clear


  • Make it recognizes a gg and shuts up
  • Make sure you can say whatever you want when it's not your turn without fucking shit up
  • Fix choke timer so that it actually ends a game upon choke
  • Allowing more than one entry per turn. This could involve looking for a terminating character to let the bot know the battler has said his peace. That way you can follow up a line without having to cram it all in one paragraph. this shouldn't affect time limit. This would also take care of someone needing to say something that isn't a verse without forgoing his turn.
  • Allowing n battlers at a time such that they take turns
  • Make a dedicated channel for battling so that #csc won't get pissed
  • Set a maximum length of a battle so things don't drag on
  • Have a voting system to determine the winner if no one chokes before time elapses
  • Implement a lighning round to make things more exciting

Kickoff List

Lists the beer on tap at kickoff


  • cscbot: kickoff list
  • cscbot: kickoff add foo
  • cscbot: kickoff remove foo
  • cscbot: kickoff clear