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This page contains information about the Computer Science Club's means of distributing information about current industry opportunities, as provided by employers and other industry representatives. We aim to circulate information on opportunities including but not limited to employer information sessions, job recruiting sessions, job opportunities, and employer workshops.

While moderation of industry posts may occur, the Computer Science Club does not necessarily guarantee or endorse any industry opportunities it distributes, and members are cautioned to use due diligence in accepting any position of employment.

For Members


csc-industry is a mailing list used to distribute information via e-mail about upcoming industry opportunities. It is an opt-in mailing list, so members must subscribe to receive information posted to it.

  • To subscribe to csc-industry, please enter the e-mail address you wish to be contacted here.
  • To unsubscribe, visit the csc-industry page, entering the e-mail address you wish to have removed from the mailing list.

csc-industry is a moderated mailing list, based on a list of guidelines available on the wiki. All posts to the list must adhere to these guidelines. If you have any suggestions or comments about the posting guidelines, please contact the executive at

Note that csc-industry only provides one-way communication from industry to members. To discuss opportunities distributed through csc-industry, please make use of the newsgroup. Information on the newsgroup is provided in the next section.

CSC Newsgroup

The CSC Newsgroup,, is an open discussion forum available to all members. Employers are encouraged to post industry opportunities on the newsgroup in addition to csc-industry.

The Computer Science Club provides a web client for accessing the newsgroup, though members should feel free to use any newsgroup client of their choice. As csc-industry is a one-way source of employer communication, we encourage any discussion about industry opportunities to take place on the newsgroup.

Please keep in mind that the newsgroup is internet-facing, and any posts made will be available publicly.

For Industry Representatives

Advertising through csc-industry

csc-industry is an opt-in e-mail mailing list for members of the Computer Science Club intended to distribute information about industry opportunities. To advertise through csc-industry, simply email the message you wish to distribute to

Please note that posts to this mailing list are moderated and will be subject to the list guidelines. Before you post, please familiarize yourself with the csc-industry posting guidelines.

Advertising through the CSC Newsgroup

Information can also be distributed to members through the CSC Newsgroup, There are no official guidelines to posting on the wiki, but please keep in mind that the newsgroup is internet-facing and can be viewed by anyone.

The Computer Science Club offers a web client for accessing newsgroups.