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History of Keys/Fobs

  • Before Spring 2017, the CSC office can only be accessed using keys provided by the School of Computer Science(SCS). As the lock are never changed, people keep their keys forever and the exec team has no way of tracking those keys or getting the keys back.
  • In order to improve the key situation, the execs from Winter and Spring 2017 have made an agreement with Math Dean's office to install the fob system on the door. And power of managing the fobs is transferred from SCS to the Math Dean's office

Memorandum of Understanding with Math Dean's office

In Fall 2018, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between the Computer Science Club, the Mathematics Society, and The Math Dean's Office. A hard copy of the MOU can be found on the top cabinet, and a PDF copy should be available in the exec email archive.

Recommended Distribution of Keys and Fobs

  • As agreed with Math Dean's Office, The President and System Administrator would each get a key.
  • For the sake of continuity of service, the System Administrator should also receive a fob that extends into the upcoming term
  • All other execs should each receive a fob, total of six not including the one for System Administrator.
  • There are approximately 3-4 fobs left for other office staffs who are willing to spend their time and keep the office open.
  • If the exec team found the number of fobs are inadequate to keep the office open for extended time, they can request up to 5 more fobs from Math Dean's office and distribute them to office staffs.