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As of 2013, the CSC has a NetApp FAS3000 series which is capable of hosting network shares. It was donated to us by CSCF. It is also pretty old.


All the manuals are hosted in ~sysadmin/netapp-docs/

Relevant docs for storage modification are: smg.pdf, sysadmin.pdf

iSCSI documentation is in ontop/bsag.pdf


Currently it is accessible via serial interface via ascorbic-acid.

(Later, this will be accessible via aspartame, through its network interface+serial interface).


The NetApp does not support extended ACLs on NFSv4, so extended ACLs are supported via CIFS. This is particularly important for club accounts, and for some users hosting git repos out of their homedirs.


aggr status -r aggr<num>
  Shows aggregate status
disk show -v
  Shows disks, and which filer they are owned by (currently all by psilodump)
  storage related things
disk assign
  Assigns orphaned disks to a filer
  Volume stuffs


  • shelf 1
    • 10,000 RPM FibreChannel disks
    • Currently set to standalone filer+shelf, not set up
  • shelf 2
    • 10,000 RPM FibreChannel disks
    • Currently assigned to phlogiston, not set up (phlogiston is off)
  • shelf 3
    • 7,200 RPM ATA disks
    • Currently assigned to psilodump
  • shelf 4
    • 7,200 RPM ATA disks
    • Currently assigned to psilodump


  • aggr0
    • Root aggregate volume, in RAID-DP
  • aggr1
    • Music aggregate volume, in RAID-DP
  • aggr2
    • Users aggregate volume, in RAID-DP


  • /vol/vol0
    • Root volume
  • /vol/vol1music
    • Music volume
  • /vol/vol2users
    • Users volume


  • RAID-DP - Double Parity RAID6

iSCSI setup procedure

  • on the netapp,
    • start the iscsi stuff. Set up a client user/pass (Marc: please fill this part out at some point)
  • set up aspartame to talk with the netapp. (all commands were run on aspartame)
    • installed open-iscsi
    • set discovery.sendtargets.auth.* and node.session.auth.* in /etc/iscsi/iscsid.conf (users and passwords are the same)
    • start open-iscsi with service open-iscsi start
    • iscsiadm -m discovery --type st -p psilodump

to verify that the netapp is exporting the iSCSI interface properly

    • iscsiadm --mode node --targetname "" --portal --login
  • set up the netapp filesystem:
    • entire thing is an ext4 primary partition