OID Assignment

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The Computer Science Club has Private Enterprise Number 27934. Our corresponding OID arc is

  • .iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprises.csclub
  • .iso(1).org(3).dod(6).internet(1).private(4).enterprises(1).csclub(27934)

We use custom OID's for a few purposes, which are listed below:

  • LDAP attributes
    • user attribute arc
      • term attribute
      • program attribute
      • studentid attribute [no longer used]
    • user type arc
      • member attribute
      • club attribute
  • Net-SNMP extensions
    • postfix statistics
      • postfix bounced count
      • postfix received count
      • postfix rejected count
      • postfix sent count
      • postfix spam count
      • postfix virus count