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The following are the day-to-day policies for running the CSC Office. They are set down by the Office Manager or, should there not be a current Office Manager, by the Secretary.

  • There must be an office staff member present in the office at all times when it is open.
  • If issues arise, office staff are expected to be the adults and deal with them professionally, rather than making problems worse.
  • If there are people in the office, the doors should be open.
  • Don't be excessively rude or loud in the office.
  • Don't violate the privacy of others: e.g. if someone leaves their terminal unlocked, don't do anything that might get them angry at you.
  • Desks and wheely chairs are primarily for use with office terminals: i.e. if you are sitting in/at one and are not using the terminal, anyone may kick you out to use the terminal.
  • Chairs are for people, not bags.
  • If you leave your terminal and don't announce that you're coming back, or are gone for more than 5 minutes, someone else can take it.
  • No sleeping in the office.
  • No sex in the office.
  • No playing games in the office unless you are writing one.
  • Nothing illegal in the office.
  • The office is not your locker: don't leave things here.
  • The office is not your pantry: don't leave food here.
  • Clean up your garbage.
  • The stapler may be used only inside the office, or for club business.
  • The office phone is primarily for club business. You may use it for emergencies and brief calls, but do not use it excessively or to conduct business.
  • Don't play music when you aren't in the office. It's OK to leave with music queued up.
  • Share the music queue.
  • During business hours, music must be kept at a reasonable volume.
  • Any significant incidents, including harassment, must be reported to the Office Manager, even if they get resolved.

(Business hours are 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM)