Office Policies

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The following are the day-to-day policies for running the CSC Office. They are set down by the Office Manager or, should there not be a current Office Manager, by the Secretary.

  1. There must be an office staff member present in the office at all times when it is open.
  2. The office should be an inviting environment. Don't be excessively rude or loud; try not to make others uncomfortable. Use common sense.
  3. If someone leaves their terminal unlocked, don't do anything that might get them angry at you. Don't violate their privacy.
  4. Desks and wheely chairs are primarily for use with office terminals; if you are sitting in/at one and are not using the terminal, anyone may kick you out to use the terminal.
  5. Chairs are for people, not bags.
  6. If you leave your terminal and don't announce that you're coming back, or are gone for more than 5 minutes, someone else can take it.
  7. No sleeping in the office.
  8. No sex in the office.
  9. No playing games in the office unless for the purpose of an assignment or if you are writing one.
    1. This rule may be relaxed outside of business hours, if the office is not being kept open solely to play games and if the games are not interfering with or annoying people with better things to do.
  10. Nothing illegal in the office.
  11. The office is not your locker; don't leave things here, especially during business hours when space is at a premium.
  12. The office is not your pantry; don't leave food here, especially if it contains common allergens.
  13. Clean up your rubbish.
  14. The stapler may be used only inside the office, or for club business.
  15. The office phone is primarily for club business. You may use it for emergencies and brief calls, but do not use it excessively or to conduct business.
  16. Don't play music when you aren't in the office. It's OK to leave with music queued up.
  17. Share the music queue.
  18. During business hours, music must be kept at a reasonable volume.
  19. If issues arise, office staff are expected to be the adults and deal with them professionally, rather than making problems worse.
  20. Any significant incidents, including harassment, must be reported to the Office Manager, even if they get resolved.

(Business hours are 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM)