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== Office Capacity ==
See [[Imapd_Guide]]
At one count, the CSC had capacity for 26 packs of 24 cans (with 3 in the fridge) before counting other types of things (juice, Arizona...)
== Example Pop Run ==
=== Drinks ===
An empty car with two people in the front can fit ~20 packs of 24 cans. More research will be conducted.
* 4 Coke
* 2 Pepsi
* 3 Coke Zero
* 2 Gingerale
* 1 Sprite
* 1 Crush "Rainbow Pack" (some people like these pops, but they don't sell great individually)
* 6 Dr Pepper
* 3 Arizona Green Tea (large cans)
* 2 Arizona Iced Tea (large cans)
* 2 V8
Something here about juice
=== Candy ===
We want to avoid having too much candy, or candy that sits around and goes stale.
==== Proposal: Bean Counting ====
The office manager could take up the duty of maintaing a weekly (bidaily?) count of the candy. Hopefully this would give us enough information to react in a agile manner to the vast universe of changing customer demand. This should allow us to maintain our high standards and excellent customer service.
=== Price Estimate ===
More will be done here shortly.

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