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Office Capacity

At one count, the CSC had capacity for 26 packs of 24 cans (with 3 in the fridge) before counting other types of things (juice, Arizona...)

Example Pop Run


An empty car with two people in the front can fit ~20 packs of 24 cans. More research will be conducted.

  • 4 Coke
  • 2 Pepsi
  • 3 Coke Zero
  • 2 Gingerale
  • 1 Sprite
  • 1 Crush "Rainbow Pack" (some people like these pops, but they don't sell great individually)
  • 6 Dr Pepper
  • 3 Arizona Green Tea (large cans)
  • 2 Arizona Iced Tea (large cans)
  • 2 V8

Something here about juice


We want to avoid having too much candy, or candy that sits around and goes stale.

Proposal: Bean Counting

The office manager could take up the duty of maintaing a weekly (bidaily?) count of the candy. Hopefully this would give us enough information to react in a agile manner to the vast universe of changing customer demand. This should allow us to maintain our high standards and excellent customer service.

Price Estimate

More will be done here shortly.