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* Advertising procedures manual
* Advertising procedures manual
* [[QoS]] for mirroring
* [[QoS]] for mirroring
* Setup ability to create pgsql/mysql databases in user's home directory (e.g. ~/.databases) so that db's count against quota
* Setup inode quota
* Setup inode quota
* [[Server serial port connections]]
* [[Server serial port connections]]

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These are current on-going CSC projects:

  • Enhancement Project
  • Library Project
  • Seting up virtual mail-boxes and virtual aliases for clubs.
  • Getting an IPv6 subnet
  • Club CMSs, etc...
  • Virtualizing services
  • Setup mailing list for webmasters of clubs we host so they can receive service related announcements from us
  • Setup a reliable programming contest framework
  • Common club auth
  • Advertising procedures manual
  • QoS for mirroring
  • Setup inode quota
  • Server serial port connections
  • Fix nscd cache times

Projects that require CSCF assistance:

  • Get disk:/users mounted on CSCF's linux frontend and cpu servers
  • Thin client chooser entry
  • OSPF/QoS progress