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These are current on-going CSC projects:

  • CEO
  • Filesystem replication
  • Debian-izing our Bittorent tracker software
  • Seting up virtual mail-boxes and virtual aliases for clubs
  • Getting a IPv6 subnet
  • Club CMSs, etc.
  • virtualizing services
  • setup mailing list for webmasters of clubs we host so they can receive service related announcements from us
  • setup a reliable programming contest framework
  • get talks mirrored on mirror.cs for on-campus and resnet people
  • get caffeine:/users mounted on cscf's linux frontends and cpu servers
  • common club auth
  • Add hosts to UW's DNS (Maintain):
    • fe.csclub (front-end; mutiple A records to taurine and natural-flavours)
    • disk.csclub (CNAME to caffeine; export /users to CSCF)
  • advertising procedures manual
  • setup