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In light of the orwellian nightmare we've built ourselves into, now is a good time for the CSClub to pick up the slack it usually picks and teach people how to be safe out there.

Topics, and slides

Related work

Fall 2013

This information is fuzzy and subject to change. Do not trust it.

sharvey, m4, and nguenthe are adminning this term's series

  • sharvey on Why Should You Care About Privacy
  • [ Stephen Palmateer] of KWLUG on Tor
  • nguenthe on OTR -- or IanG if we can get him!
  • nablack and m4farrel with a security demo + open ended question session
  • m4farrel on Secrets of a DDoS
  • wlritchi on Reversing protocols and pnwing ur phone
  • mtrberzi on GPG and with a keysigning party to boot
  • IST Security:
** [ Patrick Matlock] on some combination or subset of oauth, identity, data privacy (Policy 8), and web pentesting
** [ Terry Labach] on safer web browsing
** [ Colin Bell]?

WPIRG wants to cross-promote with us. They wish to book, for November, a "privacy forum" (which they are imagining as an expert panel + QA session). Wouldn't it be great if we could get:

* Ian Goldberg (sharvey)
* Michael Geist