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  taurine              ttyS1 LOM <- taurine-ilo          -        115200
  taurine              ttyS1 LOM <- taurine-ilo          -        115200
  glomag              ttyS0 LOM <- glomag-ipmi          -        115200
  glomag              ttyS0 LOM <- glomag-ipmi          -        115200
denardo              ttyS0 LOM <- denardo-alom        -          9600
ascorbic-acid        ttyS0 LOM <- denardo              ttyS0      9600
  binaerpilot          ttyUSB0  <- ascorbic-acid        ttyUSB0  115200
  binaerpilot          ttyUSB0  <- ascorbic-acid        ttyUSB0  115200
  goto80              ttyS0    <- corn-syrup          hub1      115200
  goto80              ttyS0    <- corn-syrup          N/A      115200
  goto80              ttyS1    <- corn-syrup          hub2      115200
  goto80              ttyS1    <- corn-syrup          N/A      115200
  goto80              power    <- corn-syrup          hub3      115200
  goto80              power    <- corn-syrup          N/A      115200
  potassium-citrate    ttyS0    <- corn-syrup           hub4     115200
  potassium-citrate    ttyS0    <- corn-syrup:ttyUSB2  hub3     115200
  kvm                  -        <- corn-syrup           hub5      115200
  aspartame            ttyS0    <- corn-syrup:ttyUSB4  hub5      115200  
  electrons            -        <- corn-syrup          hub8        9600
  electrons            -        <- corn-syrup          hub8        9600

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This article documents the physical serial ports on each machine and the connections between them. These connections are used for console access using Conserver.

MC 3015

corn-syrup           ttyS1 LOM <- corn-syrup-ipmi      -          57600
mirror               ttyS1 LOM <- sodium-benzoate-ipmi -          57600
taurine              ttyS1 LOM <- taurine-ilo          -         115200
glomag               ttyS0 LOM <- glomag-ipmi          -         115200
binaerpilot          ttyUSB0   <- ascorbic-acid        ttyUSB0   115200
goto80               ttyS0     <- corn-syrup           N/A       115200
goto80               ttyS1     <- corn-syrup           N/A       115200
goto80               power     <- corn-syrup           N/A       115200
potassium-citrate    ttyS0     <- corn-syrup:ttyUSB2   hub3      115200
aspartame            ttyS0     <- corn-syrup:ttyUSB4   hub5      115200    
electrons            -         <- corn-syrup           hub8        9600

The "hubN" ports are on the 8-port serial hub. To access, look in /dev/csc.

Machine Ports

Most machines either have no serial ports, or one DE-9 serial port. Details of other configurations are listed here. We do not have any modems (DCE), so all connections should be crossed (i.e., use null modem cables or compatible).


taurine has a virtual serial port that can be accessed via telnet or SSH

ttyS0 physical DE-9
ttyS1 virtual


ascorbic-acid has two Sun 8P8C serial ports stacked vertically, with the first port on top. The first port may be used to access LOM, and probably has to be set to 9600 baud.

A (ttyS0, LOM)
B (ttyS1)

These ports should be connected to another system's DE-9 using a DE-9<->8P8C modular adapter and an Almost Rollover or standard rollover.


potassium-citrate has two DE-9 serial ports side by side, with the second port on the left

101102 (ttyS1) 101101 (ttyS0)


sodium-citrate has two DE-9 serial ports side by side, with the second port on the left

ttyS1 ttyS0


dumbterm has one DB-25 serial port. It is currently connected to a black nonstandard DB-25<->8P8C adapter, to a special twisted pair cable, to a nonstandard 8P8C<->DE-9 adapter. All of these pieces are labeled "dumbterm". The dumbterm cable is not symmetric; the end labeled "DE-9" must be plugged into the DE-9 adapter.