Serial Connections

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Machine Ports

Most machines either have no serial ports, or one DB9 serial port. Details of other configurations are listed here.


taurine has a virtual serial port that can be accessed via telnet or SSH

ttyS0 physical DB9
ttyS1 virtual


ascorbic-acid has two Sun 8P8C serial ports labeled A and B, stacked vertically

A (ttyS0, LOM)
B (ttyS1)


potassium-citrate has two DB9 serial ports side by side, with the second port on the left

101102 (ttyS1) 101101 (ttyS0)


citric-acid has two DB9 serial ports stacked vertically, and a dead DB9 labeled "modem" to their right

ttyS0 X
ttyS1 modem