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So the situation is that we have been actively attempting to secure new space for the CSC for the past 2.5 years (a guess.)

The way we have been going about this has been mostly behind scenes scheming. Originally, MathSoc came to us with the idea (mcgreco specifically.) Perhaps it would be most effective at this point to assert our desires explicitly.

To this end j3parker has suggested we prepare a high quality proposal. This wiki page was initially intended for organizing the content-collection process for this proposal, and now that discussions of a course of action are in order, it will be used for tracking the progress of the plan.

ehashman has collected here the documents being sent between MathSoc Council and the CSC for record-keeping.

Plan Implementation

The initial proposal brought before MathSoc can be found in the attachment in this thread on the Council mailing list.

Plan Summary

The current plan, based on negotiations with the MathSoc executive, is as follows.

  • MathSoc exec lose their office, and move to the office beside them (currently, CnD manager). The CnD manager office is extended 2-3' into the old MathSoc exec office, and CSC expands into the rest of the space.
  • The CnD manager moves into the current Math Orientation Office (MOO).
  • MOO moves into the current BIC office.
  • BIC moves to DC.
  • Additionally, the CMC gives up their office for the PMC to expand into, moving to DC.

A visual representation of this plan as finally executed, with office numbers, can be found here.

Plan Milestones

In order for this plan to succeed, we need the following to occur in the specified order below.

  • Secure space in DC for two club offices.
    • m4burns and ehashman will be meeting with Dan Brown in SCS on Nov. 20 to discuss the conditions of getting this space.
    • Notable concerns are the size and locations of the office, and if there is any risk of losing the space.
    • Timeline: Nov. 20, 2012
  • Club approval.
    • CMC and BIC need to choose between the spaces we offer them in DC, and ensure that they are to their liking.
    • BIC is the most important here, as MOO needs to move regardless of what ends up happening with space.
    • Timeline: By Nov. 26, 2012
  • MathSoc Council approval.
    • It's usually hard to convince councillors to vote for something that benefits the student body, at the student body's request. Who would have thought.
    • Currently, the largest opposition to the space proposal has been MathSoc exec (shocking!!) and one former FOC. If we can convince the current term's exec to go through with this, we may be able to secure approval before the end of the term.
    • Timeline: Prior to end of Fall 2012 term
  • Plantops consulting.
    • Getting things done once approval has been had is hard. Especially with how bogged down the green men are.
    • What do we want to do with the office? At minimum, sound-dampening material will need to be installed, because the office will be doubling in size. Now is a good time for furniture and equipment proposals.
    • Do we want all or half or none of the wall torn down in particular? This is an important question, and relates to sound issues.
    • Timeline: Early Winter 2013
  • Execution.
    • Yay!
    • Timeline: Late Winter/Early Spring 2013

Major sections of the proposal (historical)

We should make it clear that while we have an office, it isn't an office. It's social and academic space, used by a large number of students. Expanding it would allow us to continue using it as such.

Usage Data

Data about our office usage: how many people (distinct vs. not) enter our office throughout the week, how much our terminals are used etc.

Possible collection schemes:

  • Have office staff keep a tally sheet
  • Record captures from the cameras at say 15 minute intervals, tally at the end of the day, and delete the images.

Data about our membership: fractions from which faculties, alumni, raw numbers.

Related to this is talk and event attendance, the difference between max in the office at a moment and event attendees will be a good indicator of space discrepancies.

Expansion plan

  • How we would use the space:
    • A mockup of how we would design the office with the additional space.
      • b4taylor and j3parker have volunteered to do early drafts in Google Sketchup
      • ehashman has completed a draft space plan, to be discussed
      • Jack Rehder was initially opposed to tearing the wall down, due to renovation costs.? In particular, the floor will need to be refinished, so it's not simply dismantling a wall. Instead, he proposed putting a door (or two) in.
    • Costs to go along with the renovations proposed in the mock up, and evidence we can afford it.
      • We know the price of new shelving, furniture is easy to quote. The hard part will be the wall price
    • Expand our library to include the vast archives of ACM journals we have in storage.
    • Centre of office could have a quality bar style table/chairs installed which would allow for better laptop usage, space for projects (working on hardware etc. is difficult in our currently cramped office.)
    • Probably at least 3 more terminals. This is a very convenient resource for students and ours are constantly in use.
    • More inviting atmosphere due to decrease in human density. (smelly, hot etc.)


  • Testimonials from members on what CSC has done for them; from randoms on why they don't frequent the CSC.
    • Possible way to obtain them: include the request (magic form perhaps) in the call for renewals, send it out extra early. Caveat with this: we miss people who have registered many terms in advance. Perhaps use csc-general and apologize to the duplicate set?
  • Might also want: alumni testimonials, testimonials from out of town speakers about their impression of us, testimonials from faculty/recruiting people (this last one ties in to the section below)

What the CSC brings to UW

The school seems to be well aware of our classiness; the other day (and this is not the first time) a tour guide brought a family to our office and mentioned that we hold lots of events and bring in out of town speakers that "the university can't even get". The tour guide (not Gayle) was an adult and I imagine had no non-PR connection to the CSC.

Why other space is not suitable

We may not want to include this section off the bat, but having the arguments worked out will be useful preparation.

I have said before and stand by the claim that the exec office is the only viable location for extra space. The main reason being that if we had a disjoint office, there is a tendency to pick one location and stick to it, which is a negative for club cohesion (as evidence, i present the CMC office and the terms in which it sucked away subsets of CSC members.)

Office full pictures