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ehashman's first draft of a space plan for the CSC office expansion, assuming the CSC is granted the entire current MathSoc Executive Office. Drawn 28 August, 2011.


Here is a digital copy of the diagram originally drawn on the CSC whiteboard.

Photo (low-res)

Written Explanation of Plan

Main Office ("Social Space")

  • put laptop bar along the wall where we have strombola/bit-shifter/fridge--this part will be sitting height; also install a standing height bar along the wall with the MathSoc-facing door
  • move fridge, filing cabinet, and mailboxes to where natural-flavors is, and use this alcove for supplies storage; maybe put in something less hobo for snack sales and put the mailboxes onto the filing cabinet?
  • leave a terminal where malto is; also line the inside dividing wall with a couple of desks/terminals where the current chairs are, including dumbterm in a central location
  • no more free food table in this part of the office: better mobility
  • no current plan for stand-alone chairs, looking for ideas to include these


  • tear down the section of wall where the coat hooks are, either entirely or installing an empty doorframe
  • seal current sealed exec door, and the MathSoc-facing door of the current office, since it swings inward and would block the new adjoining door (so we'd have one open door in each half of the office, on opposite sides)

MathSoc Exec Office ("Work Space")

  • have desks on that back wall against the sealed door in the exec office, again wrapping around the outside wall, putting some terminals around as necessary
  • do not extend the whole way; line remaining wall space with chairs/whiteboards and possibly add free food-type table
  • maybe include empty desk space without terminals for non-computery work
  • maybe move filing cabinet into this half rather than putting it where snacks/storage are