Sunday 14 March 2021

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CSC Weekly All-Hands Meeting (Sunday, March 14, 2021)


  • Everyone needs to join CSC officially!

Join CSC Officially:
Email the CSC Systems Committee at from your UWaterloo email address with the following:

  1. a scan or photograph copy of your WatCard,
  2. your WatIAM userid, and
  3. your acknowledgement of having read, understood, and agreeing with our Machine Usage Agreement.

  • Recap of past week’s events
    • Movie night: Soul
    • Internal Social: Speed-friending (Hosted/Coordinated by: Joe, Jason)
      • Really fun, nice to be able to talk to people and dive into their lives a bit
      • Will move external social to Zoom though! Based on feedback, testing at the moment
  • Events
    • Alt-tab speaker applications closed
      • Ravindu, Joe reviewing applications
      • Event schedule for March 27th (next Saturday) 6:30pm - 8pm EST
    • External speed friending event for Tuesday March 16, 7:30-8:30pm EST.
      • Lots of interest so far (40+ signups)!
    • Possible afterhours for next Saturday (jealousy TBD)
    • Out of the Box (w/ Rishi Kothari) scheduled for March 25th
      • Dry run on the 22nd
  • Marketing
    • Pi Day story! Check it out!
    • Speaker highlights when we can confirm the alt-tab speakers
    • Speaker highlight for Rishi
  • Reps
    • Ongoing progress for a BOT social event for Spring W21 [Betty Guneet Marzuk]
    • Ongoing progress for long term side project event for Spring W21 [Dora Eden Jasmine]
    • Follow up on MathSoc reps discussion, will talk to MathSoc about having more involvement with CSC, will discuss MSoc rep visibility on Discord
  • Discord
    • workshop poll archived for now, will create #polls channel for future polling
    • #rules rewritten
    • Interest collection for more formal resume critique channel(s)
    • Ongoing progress for welcome screen
    • #introductions channel!
  • Design (Website)
    • Starting very low-fi wireframes and figuring out information architecture
  • Need everyone to provide feedback!
    • Taking a look at the survey results
  • Design (Graphics)
    • Pi Day (thanks Karen!)
    • Speed-friending graphics look great!
    • OOTB graphics finalizing (Kailin)
      • Trying to distinguish out the box events
    • WIP Discord emotes
  • Frontend
    • Almost everyone is done with their tickets
    • Waiting on backend to setup endpoints
    • Adi and Steven providing help & mentorship
  • Backend
    • Mostly done backend Linktree
    • Next week will be code reviews, and integrating with frontend
    • THANK U ADI <3