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* clean up wiki vandalism
* clean up wiki vandalism
* make uploading videos less painful
* make uploading videos less painful
* fix debian.csclub
==When in the Machine Room==
==When in the Machine Room==

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These are things that syscom should do eventually:


  • Prepare MEF request for `sodium-benzoate` upgrades/replacement.
  • Prepare MEF request for drives for cobalamin.
  • Make roundcube use webauth, or else make webauth not tell you not to log into roundcube.
  • Establish remote syslog
  • Get UPS monitoring working across multiple systems
  • `/users` backups
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Put backup containers onto cobalamin
  • Get an IP/KVM for the machine room which doesn't suck?
  • Update the wiki.
  • Get stuff for natural-flavours & install (e45lee)
  • Sort through keyboards in the office
  • Fix the webcam counter (jj2baile)
  • mounting USB sticks - special permissions required, can they be relaxed?
  • clean up wiki vandalism
  • make uploading videos less painful
  • fix debian.csclub

When in the Machine Room

  • Rotate CPUs in `hfcs` to see if it's the CPU or the socket that's causing NMI issues.
  • Set up binaerpilot.
  • Make sure that the IPMI/console connections are correct, up-to-date, and working.
  • Add "DO NO TURN ON" label to phlogiston
  • Fix psilodump's and aspartame's IPs and routing
    • psilodump should not be routable outside aspartame. This is currently accomplished by fuckery. This *should* be fixed to use the net.ipv4.conf.all.arp_filter sysctl.
  • Look into expanding /scratch and using RAID using spare disks in the office.
  • Decommission denardo

Science Machine Room

  • Setup Cobalamin (space has already been set aside for us)