Systems Committee

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Current Members

Username Real Name
a2brenna Anthony Brennan
a5song Andrew Song
b4taylor Brennan Taylor
dtbartle David Terrance Bartley
ebering Edgar Bering
elouie Erik Louie
hkarau Holden Karau
j13li Sinbios Jiazheng Li
j3parker Jacob Parker
jmcole Jason Murray Cole
jmsaunde Jordan Saunders
kjoshi Kaiwalya Joshi
kspaans Kyle Spaans
m2ellis Michael Ellis
m3lawren Matt Lawrence
mgregson Michael Gregson
mimcpher Matt McPherrin
mspang Michael Spang
mthiffau Matthew Thiffault
nguenthe Nick Guenther
qxi Qifan Xi
rjputins Rebecca Jean Putinski
sagervai Sapphyre Alexandra Gervais
sgcummin Sean Cumming
tmyklebu Tor Myklebust

(Updated November 22, 2009.)

Mailing Lists

The systems committee is subscribed to a few announce mailing lists, chiefly to be notified of security problems. Use when subscribing to new such lists.