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Planned Talks (Winter 2008)

  • February 1st
    • Research In Motion
  • February 29th (Confirmed): Overview of Quantum Computing
    • Raymond Laflamme (Director, IQC)
  • Week of March 3rd (Proposed)
    • Second IQC talk
  • Week of March 10th (Proposed)
    • Kate Larson (Game Theory)


  • Michael Geist
    • Canadian Law and Technologist Blogger
  • Wayne Beaton
    • Technical Evangelist for The Eclipse Foundation
  • Keith Packard
    • X Windows
    • Holden has contacted him again to ask him to come in October
  • Walter Bright
    • D Programming Language
  • Hans Peter Anvin
    • Linux kernel hacker
  • Cory Doctorow
    • Co-editor of Boing Boing
  • CSCF/MFCF/IST Open Forum
    • Dave Gawley [CSCF]
    • Dawn Keenan [IST]
    • Jim Pell [MFCF]
    • Stephen Mann [SCS]
    • Bruce Campbell [IST]
  • Jeffrey Shallit

Possible Speakers/Talks (not yet requested)

  • Noam Chompsky
  • Richard Stallman
    • Holden has suggested that perhaps he can give another talk?
  • Ron Rivest
    • Helped create the RSA scheme, also helped write the CLRS book
  • Phillipe Khan
    • Founded Borland in the 1980s, helped develop several successful languages and products (also inveted camera phone)
  • Bill Joy
    • Known for his work on BSD Unix, vi and csh
  • John McCarthy
    • Known for his work on the LISP functional language
  • Andrew Tanenbaum
    • Author of MINIX and well known for his work in the area of operating systems


We use dvgrab to rip the talks from the camera and ffmpeg to encode.


  • taurine (90 Mbps) [It can probably push much more if it were on a gigabit link]
  • citric-acid (250 Mbps)

The list of mirrors can be found in caffeine:/var/www/mirrors.txt the web server selects a random mirror from this list at each file request. We now run Net-SNMP on all of our hosts, so we have real-time access to network and cpu load data. We should therefore be able to write a more intelligent mirror selection script. We also use mirror.cs to mirror on-campus.

We are currently looking at QoS tagging to throttle our bandwidth.