Term Notes/F2008

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See also: Term Notes/S2008 and Term Notes/W2009


  1. Build a solid community: hold meetings every two weeks
  2. CSC Frisbee Team (Dodgeball for W2009)
  3. An event every week at least and get a program committee formed to help the veep with this effort (we should have one in theory)
  4. Get the library ship shape. See Library Project

UNIX Tutorials for the Froshies

b4taylor was going to write an undergrad environment tutorial. Perhaps we could have a few sessions working through this.

Movie Night

The Princess Twin and Cinema can play any DVD you've got on the big screen. I've read in the past that we used to play the SIGGRAPH video. I haven't even looked to see if this still exists, but, if it does, it's likely in DVD format. Someone should look into the price of this and the existence of new SIGGRAPH videos.