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See also: Term Notes/S2008 and Term Notes/W2009


  1. Build a solid community: hold meetings every two weeks

This needs more thought, the meetings didn't go over well with the membership

  1. CSC Frisbee Team (Dodgeball for W2009)

Never done

  1. An event every week at least and get a program committee formed to help the veep with this effort (we should have one in theory)

We got the progcom up, see the relevant mailman list. We averaged 1 event/week but the distribution was not homogeneous.

  1. Get the library ship shape. See Library Project

Steps have been made, see further on Library Project but this is far from done.

UNIX Tutorials for the Froshies

b4taylor was going to write an undergrad environment tutorial. Perhaps we could have a few sessions working through this.

These ended up being realized as ebering's tutorials which will be moved to a more permenant location and noted more permenantly on the wiki. If he forgets feel free to pester him.

Movie Night

The Princess Twin and Cinema can play any DVD you've got on the big screen. This costs $150, as of this writing I don't know how long that books the theater for or if we can play more than one DVD. This information is available if we call their office at 519-885-1048 between 9am and 2pm when the person in charge of DVD screening bookings is around. The ACM SIGGRAPH does still produce a video review. In fact it produces 6 per SIGGRAPH conference as of 2008. They can be purchased on the ACM E-store for $60 each or $40 for members. The Computer Graphics Lab might have a subscription or buy them, I've e-mailed Craig Kaplan asking about this.

Just got this done in the comfy, possibly still run with princess?