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See also: Term Notes/W2009 and Term Notes/F2009

  • Requested money from CIF for books --> the list of books was taken from MEF proposal that was rejected last term
  • MEF proposal for new disks for taurine wasn't accepted since it was submitted past deadline.

Veep notes

  1. We sent out 5 letters so far inviting people to give talks, but during the remainder of exams Ebering will probably send more. See Talks.
  2. We have a bunch of old miniDV tapes. Talk recordings can now be digitized easily, so these have been sorted in FC2 with more high profile talks being saved on DV and the rest able to be considered 'blank tape'.
  3. UW AV Is slow.
  4. SCS Gives us money for talks. You might spend some of it and do a big talk from an out of town lecturer, like one of the ones we invited. Also, send out invitations, if anyone bites get a MEF proposal in. In the coming year we could have many big talks. If veeps like you can handle the stress. Use your progcom well.
  5. We have an rt server, its useful for managing progcom.
  6. PR wants to give a talk a term. Be sure you talk to him about this.
  7. Ebering would like to start a talks archive, this involves finding old talks and archiving them, as well as making sure our new talks are archived in a uniform manner. See Talk Archive for information.