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* y226shen: package managers
* y226shen: package managers
* dzlin: Docker
* dzlin: Docker
* merenber: iproute2

= Syscom mailing list moderator =
= Syscom mailing list moderator =

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Termcom/Saturday 19 February 2022 | Termcom/Saturday 5 March 2022

Termcom members in attendance

r389li, dzlin, j2767wan, r345liu, s7raviku, y226shen (👋 just joined us!)

Tasks completed last week

  • r389li did more work on 2fa /usr/local/lib/2fa is now sourced from /etc/profile on all the general-use machines, using the .2fa directory in every user's home directory.
  • j2767wan finished migrating LinkList after r389li upgraded Gitea to the latest version, completing the UW GitLab → CSC Gitea migration
  • r389li picked up keys from the CSC office and started all the office terminals except maltodextrin (black screen and can't SSH into it)
  • r389li also upgraded bit-shifter and strombola to focal from bionic, and packaged libpam-csc and Ceo for focal. However, focal's Kerberos doesn't work with NetApp so we're still trying to figure out how to make them work.

Tasks for the week

  • a268wang and d278liu will continue working on Merlin
  • a268wang and d278liu will also migrate the prometheus VM to the k8s cluster
  • j2767wan will look into how to make the Visual Editor on this Wiki work, so I can stop using stupid MediaWiki markup to write this like I'm doing rn
  • r345liu will fix the last failing project (Apache IIRC) in mirror-checker
  • r345liu will also make an Alpine image for CloudStack, using CloudStack Templates something he found on GitHub (hmm sus)
  • r389li will continue attempting to try to get NetApp-compatible Kerberos working on focal.
  • r389li will also convert the Ceph mount on Machine List#Cloud Cloud machines to a systemd.mount so NGINX won't try to start (and fail) before its FS is mounted
  • s7raviku will upgrade coffee to Bullseye, taking care to first backup the VM and ensure Postgres data is migrated to the new database

Unix 101 topics

In order of presenting, one or two a week:

  • j2767wan: SSH
  • <insert presenter>: bash and basic CLI commands
  • s7raviku: FS/perms
  • r345liu: vim
  • d278liu: sed
  • y226shen: package managers
  • dzlin: Docker
  • merenber: iproute2

Syscom mailing list moderator