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We should make new tshirts.

Our old design is simple and awesome. Ian Goldberg said we suck and CSC used to have cooler tshirts with designs

Note that a lot of people have our current shirt and therefore will not be buying it if we get the same design.

Old Design

  • These worked well.
  • People already own them though, so they won't rebuy.
  • Ian Goldberg said they were boring and that we used to have ones with designs.

Math is hard

  • Front: "Math is hard, let's do Computer Science\n Computer Science Club" Back: Same as old shirt. Shirt could be pink with black writing
    • ilcharle said he wouldn't want to wear it because someone might not get the reference and think that he thinks math is hard (see: insecure)
    • ALT: "Computer Science is hard, let's go shopping!\n Computer Science Club". More direct reference to the barbie thing, the more thorough sarcasm should protect the egos of the insecure.
  • A pink shirt would be awesome regardless.

CSC is the status quo

  • An Uncle Sam-esque character saying "I've payed my CSC membership, have you?"

Themed designs

  • A keyboard/laptop/computer gear toting figure battling with Cthulhu Mythos monsters (e.g.
  • Something like the MathNEWS cover pages from Fall 2006
  • A more artsy version of the CSC logo, with some nerdy joke
    :(){ :|:& };:

Seasonal wear

  • rjputins mentioned this, I'll let her fill this in.


  • Again, something that rjputins mentioned. Useful for resurrecting no pants day?

We never did find anybody who would print on reasonable underwear.