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csc-industry Posting Guidelines

  • The purpose of csc-industry is for posts that are not necessarily of general interest to club members and usually industry related. Including but not limited to job postings, conferences, industry-sponsored events, recruiting events, and "wanted" ads.
  • csc-industry is _not_ for scams. Members should never have to pay to attend or receive more information about offers seen on csc-industry.
  • Suggested information to include in any posting:
    • job postings: start date, renumeration, type (co-op, full-time), location, company name, recruiter/contact name
    • events: date, time, place, duration, sponsors
  • Those wishing to post to the list will be told that the list is opt-in and may not necessarily include all csc members.
  • It is up to the discretion of the club exec to decide what is appropriate for posting to csc-general versus csc-industry versus /dev/null.