Disk Drive RMA Process

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Mirror has many drives. Periodically, they may fail. Most disk drive manufacturers have lengthy warranties - Seagate does 5 years always, and on the WD drives we have, the warranty period is also at least 5 years. In case of failure, here's the process by which we can get a drive manufacturer to replace a failed drive that is still under warranty.

Western Digital

  • Go to http://support.wdc.com/warranty/
  • Click on "WD Support Portal" under "End Users"
  • Now you have to log in: the login should be in /home/sysadmin/passwords/wd-rma on aspartame
  • Click on "New RMA"
  • Enter the serial number from the back of the drive and click "Check" (if you have multiple drives to RMA, enter all serial numbers at the same time)
  • If your drive is under warranty it will let you proceed to the next step
  • System should ask you a few other questions for each drive including "when did you buy it" (guess) and "reason for RMA" (be brief but accurate; examples include "disk marked BAD by MegaRAID controller" or "fails SMART test with unrecoverable read errors")
  • Now submit your RMA, it should ask for address information
  • You will be sent a label and an address along with packaging information
  • From this point, you have 30 days to get the package to the destination address through a traceable carrier
  • The packaging information is really important as your RMA will not go through if you don't package it properly
  • Go to the FedEx office in the plaza, ask a clerk to help you with "a return merchandise order that must be packaged in a very specific way"
  • Follow the packaging directions to get your drive or drives packaged correctly. Highlights: put the drive in an anti static bag; use some bubble wrap and cardboard filler inside the box; write the RMA number on EVERY SURFACE of the box; tape the RMA barcode somewhere on top of the box where it will not be covered; insist that the FedEx shipping labels not cover your barcode and RMA numbers
  • The destination address will be for an RMA premailer somewhere in Canada, so ask for ground domestic shipping; do not get the priority service (just say "there's no hurry for it to get there")
  • Your total should be about $35 (this includes packaging and shipment)
  • You should receive replacement drives within a few days