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There is a general meeting scheduled for Friday October 19, 2007.


Staff training

  • Making sure people are aware of stuffs about burning/giving out linux


  • ceo stuffs, signing up new members...
  • answering random peoples' questions: SQL hosting, lending books out,

upgrading to new Ubuntu, installing Ubuntu (on tablets? lol)

  • Machines we have... for what... with what... stuffs...
  • etc...?


  • Concerns/Ideas for making the CSC less hobo (Come with clear, planned out

as much as possible, ideas, so we can get concrete plans for the term)

  • Koha, and library stuff, this includes updating library, need book


  • Ummm... do we still want to be an ACM Chapter...? It seems it's an

important thing for previous members, but not at all for current members... What's the pros and cons?

  • Online ceo front-end?
  • Dumbterm vs. Smartterm?
  • What do we have in terms of visions and goals for the CSC...? Many

thumbs up for the second Canadian Stratum One NTP Server... also being official Canadian Ubuntu mirror, and efforts towards the Tor Node is good times... Concerns are with too much concentration and effort spent on pointless slashdotting, like Ann Cavoukian wtf... =/ If we have Gigabit connection stuffs soon, then we should be happy times now... Though agreed if Reg+Yuri are retarded, we should get that solved somehow, but I'm sure some people would like details as to how we're limited now, why, what we're planning to be done about it, and what's probably gonna happen without too much exaggeration... =)

  • Relevant to above, can we plan something big-ish, that would make us

super-awesome and semi-famous for a while and stuffs? Methinks that in addition to making the CSC awesome, it would also give us some clout, and we could actually get YuRegtard to fuck off.. =) (And give us easier funding for future terms... =) ) This doesn't have to be for this term, but like some larger plan would be nice... =D

  • Throw out cans and stuffs after use, stop leaving it around, please

try keep CSC clean... =)

  • Virtual machines for clubs
  • gum-arabic and calum

Events this term

  • Latest on Walter Bright and Michael Geist?
  • We wants Install-fest & Linux-Awareness Week, (especially considering

new Ubuntu coming out), how exactly has it been run in the past, how do we go about doing it this term? (Are we getting those CDs? when we get them, it would be a good idea to do this)

  • Same as above for Unix 101 / 102
  • Anyone willing to organize programming contest?
  • CSC project day?

Treasurer stuffs

  • What the f*** do you guys want from MEF exactly? - Okay, I know, the 2

mirror machines, want details, and making sure they're not hobo at all, we have enough hobo shit,we need to work on some quality machines now... =) + any other stuffs

  • Who should I ask for money? Sandvine, OpenText have been suggested,

but ideas are welcome, as well as if anyone knows anyone specific in companies to contact, for easier trixing... ;)

  • About that larger poster for recruiting purposes... can anyone do

something artsy, I fail...


  • Librarian Midnight Party 7pm Sunday?
  • We're going to grab the old database from wherever and update it and

figure stuffs out.