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As of 2013, the CSC has a NetApp FAS3000 series which is capable of hosting network shares. It was donated to us by CSCF. It is also pretty old.


All the manuals are hosted in ~sysadmin/netapp-docs/

Relevant docs for storage modification are: smg.pdf, sysadmin.pdf


Currently it is accessible via serial interface via ascorbic-acid.

(Later, this will be accessible via aspartame, through its network interface+serial interface).


aggr status -r aggr<num>
  Shows aggregate status
disk show -v
  Shows disks, and which filer they are owned by (currently all by psilodump)
  storage related things
disk assign
  Assigns orphaned disks to a filer


  • shelf 1
    • 10,000 RPM FibreChannel disks
    • Currently set to standalone filer+shelf, not set up
  • shelf 2
    • 10,000 RPM FibreChannel disks
    • Currently assigned to phlogiston, not set up (phlogiston is off)
  • shelf 3
    • 7,200 RPM ATA disks
    • Currently assigned to psilodump
  • shelf 4
    • 7,200 RPM ATA disks
    • Currently assigned to psilodump


  • aggr0
    • Root aggregate volume, in RAID-DP
  • aggr1
    • Music aggregate volume, in RAID-DP
  • aggr2
    • Users aggregate volume, in RAID-DP


  • /vol/vol0
    • Root volume
  • /vol/vol1music
    • Music volume


  • RAID-DP - Double Parity RAID6