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To set up printing to the MathSoc printer, do the following steps:

  1. Go to the Brother site and grab the cupswrapper and lpr drivers.
  2. Install cups.
  3. Install the drivers with dpkg. You may need to use --force architecture on a 64-bit machine; don't worry, the package is actually arch-independent.
  4. Go to http://localhost:631/. Go to 'Add Printer'.
  5. Once it finishes, looking for printers, ignore the ones listed (they forward through MathSoc) and click 'Internet Printing Protocol (ipp)'.
  6. Enter ipp:// as your connection.
  7. Set the default name options (a name of "MathSoc" is what I used; with a description describing the costs.
  8. Select the Brother make, and either of the MFC 9770CDW drivers
  9. For default options, make sure that Color is set to Mono and Two-sided printing is set to Long-edge.