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Setting up printers

We usually support the MathSoc and MFCF printers on our office terminals.

MathSoc Printer

The new MathSoc Printer is an Brother MFC-L8900CDW. Its hostname is and its IP is, the CSC manages the subnet/VLAN for printers and other similar devices. The IP address is assigned by our DHCP server and the port is assigned to the correct VLAN for this subnet. If MathSoc upgrades their printer, they will have to contact us to reconfigure the port/DHCP.

The CSC's office terminals' CUPS servers have these printers configured to use the "Brother MFC9840CDW Foomatic/Postscript" driver. It seems to work fine.

Setting up CUPS, the printing subsystem

  1. Install cups.
  2. Go to http://localhost:631/. Go to 'Add Printer'. You may need to supply the root username/password.
  3. Click 'Internet Printing Protocol (ipp)'. CSC doesn't have any local printers, chances are all printers are connected via LAN. If it is LAN, then it is ipp.
  4. Enter connection, name, and description of the printer.

If there is a machine with printing already properly set up, you may copy the file /etc/cups/printers.conf to the corresponding location on machines that aren't set up. Ensure that you stop CUPS (sudo service cups stop) on the fresh machine before copying over printers.conf (and don't forget to start it again afterward).