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In light of the orwellian nightmare we've built ourselves into, now is a good time for the CSClub to pick up the slack it usually picks and teach people how to be safe out there.

Topics, and slides

Related work and Telling Evidence

Related Work

EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense Guide

Pirate Party's EncryptEverything

Ken Thompson - Reflections on Trusting Trust



3 Dead Trolls in a Baggie - The Privacy Song

MC Frontalot - Secrets from the Future

Series by Term

Fall 2013

This information is fuzzy and subject to change. Do not trust it.

sharvey, m4, and nguenthe are adminning this term's series

  • sharvey on Why Should You Care About Privacy
  • ?????? on Snowden Roundup
  • yd2dong on Traffic Mixing
  • ?????? on Security Proofs: How Many Joules does the NSA Have?
  • ?????? on Full Disk Encryption
  • ?????? on SSH
  • ?????? on Tunnelling
  • ?????? on Your Wifi Network is Insecure (cover: aircrack-ng and reaver. maybe nmap and metasploit)
  • Stephen Palmateer of KWLUG on Tor (vs i2p vs Freenet vs /r/darknet?)
  • Sean Howard on How your ISP owns you (UW grad, ex Watsfic president, currently working for, knows details of Bell's network infrastructure and where the chokepoints are)
  • nguenthe on OTR -- or IanG if we can get him!
  • nablack and m4farrel with a security demo + open ended question session
  • m4farrel on Secrets of a DDoS
  • wlritchi on Reversing SBeam and pnwing ur phone
  • mtrberzi on GPG, Keyservers, and You and with a keysigning party to boot
  • v2buterin on Bitcoin and Bitmessage (maybe? pretty please?)
  • IST Security:
  • Sapphyre?
  • Hatguy!
  • ?????? on Passwords (touch on security proofs, hashapass/pwdhash, alternatives to passwords (biometrics, one time pads, challenge-response, ssh keys), NOT SHARING YOUR DAMN PASSWORDS ACROSS SITES (cite: the ps3 attack, the linkedin attack, the ....) and how to use jacktheripper)
  • ?????? on Browser Fingerprinting
  • ?????? on Filesystem Forensics and the Dangers of Log-Structured Data Storage (live demo!)
  • ?????? on SSL: It's Broken
  • ?????? on Storytime: Exporting "Munitions"
  • ?????? on Stegonography
  • ?????? on Digital Watermarks
  • ?????? on Getting root in 5 minutes with physical access
  • ?????? on What is Identity (maybe toss this out to WPIRG?) with info on how sites and overlords (facebook, google) identify you, and how to split your identity digitally

And remember kids, educational-use only

WPIRG wants to cross-promote a "privacy forum" with us. They are imagining as an expert panel + QA session, during November. Probably the ideal distribution is csc events on the technical side ("how to shot pgp", "how to make tls go", "wat is passwurd") with WPIRG on the human-scale and politics side, with advertising to both of our cohorts for all events. Some ideas for expert participants: