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These are things that syscom should do eventually:


  • Prepare for `sodium-benzoate` upgrades/replacement.
    • new-mirror has like 30 disk shelves so we can just do a live sync on the 2TB disks and then insert the 4TB ones
  • Establish remote syslog
  • Get UPS monitoring working across multiple systems
  • `/users` backups
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Put backup container for authentication onto cobalamin
  • Get an IP/KVM for the machine room which doesn't suck?
  • Update the wiki: somehow merge conserver/serial connections/console configuration.
  • Sort through keyboards in the office
  • Clean up wiki vandalism
  • Fix debian.csclub, aka our personal Debian repo which serves the CEO package
    • Fix ceo versioning, which seems to be different on every machine it's installed on...
  • Fix audio auth: audio is both a system group and an LDAP group and this has bad consequences for audio authorization
  • Centralized repo for various configs: NFS, PAM auth with kerb, /etc/hosts/, LDAP and Kerb5, routing/interfaces files
    • LDAP login is currently broken on glomag, it is password with root only
    • Private subnet routing is broken on every machine except corn-syrup (see 'ethcrazy')
  • Update hosts list (10.15.134.WTF?)

When in the Machine Room

  • Set up binaerpilot.
  • Make sure that the IPMI/console connections are correct, up-to-date, and working.
  • Fix psilodump's and aspartame's IPs and routing
    • psilodump should not be routable outside aspartame. This is currently accomplished by fuckery. This *should* be fixed to use the net.ipv4.conf.all.arp_filter sysctl.
  • Look into expanding /scratch and using RAID using spare disks in the office.

Science Machine Room

  • Set up remote syslog2