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In Winter 2009 Ebering got a mind to create a comprehensive archive of our talks on backup media as well as online on our mirror. We have a huge stack of miniDV tapes in various states of catalouge and label, and random other video media, all in file cabinet 2. We also have old correspondence with speakers taking us back to the late 70's documenting that talks happened, and to some degree their contents. AV might have some of our old talks in their archive, this is yet to be investigated.


This is to be determined. It might go in FC2, thats where the raw materials are. It might go in binders on the shelf. Once the archive begins to come together this can be solved, it is a nonissue at present.


Ebering suggests we have an archive quality DVD (or more than one if needed) contain a hi-res encode of the video (something encoded by ffmpeg with -sameq) as well as pdfs of the related posters and any flashy letters sent (detail e-mails need not be included, but the initial invitation letter and any thankyou letters) and photographs of the event/speaker with the club. These would be kept with a digital metadata file (something called index and in some standard format that can be figured out once we move forward) and a hardcopy acid-free index card written (or printed) in some good ink containing the same. The DVDs should have minimal labeling, done with water based pen ink (alcohol based inks can fuck em up), perhaps some kind of minimal serial number to associate them with cards.

Talks should be in chronological order quite obviously, divisions could be by year or by term, depending on density and such.

Metadata we want to keep

  • Date, Time, Year
  • Speaker
  • Location
  • Abstract
  • Length
  • File Manifest


We need stuff to keep the archives on and in. Ideally they would be high quality archival grade stuff so that in 2069 or whatever our grandchildren can release a comprehensive collection.

  • Archival grade DVDs: [[1]] Better price [[2]]
  • CD Inserts w/index card slots: [[3]] model CD1030
  • Acid Free Archival index cards (don't want ink fading and crap): [[4]]
  • Either a good printer or good pens for putting data on the cards.
  • Binders or folders to keep the DVD inserts in. We have space in FC2.

Things to Archive

We have a vast collection of old media in FC2. There is probably old media elsewhere as well.

Stuff on the mirror

On the mirror there is a csclub directory. Most of those talks have corresponding DV tapes (see below) but some might not, also there may be slides corresponding to talks there. The club website will also have useful things for reconstructing posters if necessary (old abstracts, time/date/etc if we're sure a new-style poster was used).

miniDV tapes

These are from once we got our very nice sony handycam we think. They're also the standard for AV as of this writing and we sometimes have gotten them from them (this has happened at least once). A lot of them have already been ripped in, some of the ripped talks may have been overwritten as we were short on tape. While this is unfortunate we can still create an archive. They need to have contents cataloged, ripped, and associated media found and put on to DVD.

Video8 tapes

We have two 8mm Video8 tapes. They contain a forum on newsgroups in 1994. Ebering has sent them to AV for conversion to DVD. We also have associated with this forum archives of memos re the alt hierarchy being canceled. Having not watched the video Ebering not sure of the relation, but they're probably related. We should scan the memos in if they are.

VHS tapes

We seem to have 4 VHSes of a Larry Smith talk, as well as one of a talk on VR. We should talk to AV about having them digitize these so we can archive them.

Older Talks

We have records (that include approximate dates) of many older talks. It is possible that AV recorded them. Someone should ask them, and get DVDs where possible. Also, some mention of the archive project should go out if we ever have an Alumni Project take off.