Termcom/Saturday 29 January 2022

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Termcom members in attendance

r389li, d278liu, d9hui, j2767wan

Tasks completed last week

Tasks for the week

  • a268wang and d278liu will continue working on Merlin
  • a268wang will also migrate the prometheus VM to the k8s cluster
  • dzlin will fix the Sorbitol netdata errors
  • j2767wan will migrate the LinkList project to Gitea
  • r345liu and d9hui will fix and re-enable the Artix project in mirror-checker and make the special projects less special
  • r345liu will also make an Alpine image for CloudStack, using CloudStack Templates
  • r389li will convert the Ceph mount on Machine_List#Cloud Cloud machines to a systemd.mount so NGINX won't try to start (and fail) before its FS is mounted
  • s7raviku will upgrade coffee to Bullseye, taking care to first backup the VM and ensure Postgres data is migrated to the new database