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As of W2016, the shelves are overflowing with books again. This page is for listing suggestions on how we could change that.

If you have any suggestions, email

Books planned to be pruned in winter 2017

  • Visual Basic 6 How-to
  • Calculus (Stewart 5e)

Books to prune

Murphy's suggestions

Murphy was in the office, came up with a suggested list of books we can get rid of. Below:

  • powerpc programming/architecture, we don't do things on powerpc
  • Practical UML statecharts in C/C++
  • Animation: Master 2002
  • We have at least 4 copies of "the C programming language", we can get rid of some
  • Java 1.3 in a Nutshell, we don't need that
  • VRML
  • Frame Relays
  • OS 2.1 programming book
  • Books on Modula 2/3
  • Numerical methods, Metafont book, Developing user Interfaces
  • Calculus textbook on the right shelf, 5e is old
  • any old coursenotes for courses that aren't being offered or are old
  • we have two copies of principles of computer science
  • two copies of elementary numerical analysis
  • two copies of intro logic and sets for computer scientists
  • numerical recipes in C should be replaced with 2e or not at all

Possibilities to store books elsewhere

TODO: Ask Chris