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The Computer Science Club occasionally builds things in the physical world with electronics. This page outlines the major projects and the resources the CSC has acquired for this purpose.

Special Equipment

The CSC has purchased or otherwise acquired the following specialized equipment. The following list is not by any means complete or exhaustive, the CSC has many more basic tools and materials for electronics projects. The following is a list of expensive or difficult to acquire equipment that should not be lost or damaged.

  • DSO Nano Pocket Oscilloscope
  • Wave Generator (on loan from jj2baile)
  • 3 Soldering Irons
  • Helping Hands (for soldering)
  • Table-mount Vice
  • 2 Solder Suckers (1 heated)
  • 2 Multimeters
  • Depth Gauge
  • Precision calipers
  • ARM touchscreen


Current (Ongoing) Projects

Completed Projects