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The CSC has an array of terms for classifying frosh, but people keep getting the definitions wrong. So, one final time:

  • Frosh - 1. (n.) A student in their first year of study at a university, specific universities are generally implied by context. 2. (n. pej.) A person (student or otherwise) who has completed first year, but still behaves like a student in first year.
  • Froshling - 1. (n., informal) Affectionate term for frosh
  • Prefrosh - 1. (n.) A student who has not yet entered first year at a university, but has been given an offer and accepted it. Barring unforseen circumstances all prefrosh become frosh at the start of "frosh week".
  • Parafrosh - 1. (n.) A student who has received an offer of admission but not yet accepted it. They have never been observed to fly.
  • Protofrosh - 1. (n.) A student who has applied to a university, but has not received any offers.
  • Child - 1. (n.) A person who has never been a frosh and has not yet become a protofrosh.