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The CSC office staff have the following responsibilities:

  • Follow the Office Policies.
  • Participate in Office Cleanup.
  • Adding new members (fees into blue-lid container in treasurer drawer).
  • Updating memberships (fees into blue-lid container in treasurer drawer).
  • Answer questions.
  • Ask new people their names.
  • Ensure that the CSC remains an inviting environment.
  • Keep the office open as much as possible.
  • Keep the office clean at all times.
  • Shame people for leaving their stuff around.
  • Make sure the fridge is always full of pop.
  • Empty out the paper recycling bin.
  • Empty out the blue recycling bin.
  • Promote discussions about computer science.

The office staff should be aware of:

  • The IRC channel: #csc on See How to IRC.
  • Printing can be done through MathSoc from the office terminals, or through uprint using any computer (submit a job for "Hallway across from MC 3035" for the printer by the vending machines).
  • The office group, homedir, and mailing list.
  • The audio group. See Music.
  • How to use ceo.
  • syscom and exec emails.
  • How pop works.
  • How to use ssh.