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The people locked into the tiny office that make the train run.

Job Description

The CSC office staff have the following responsibilities:

  • Follow the Office Policies.
  • Participate in Office Cleanup.
  • Adding new members (fees into blue-lid container in treasurer drawer).
  • Updating memberships (fees into blue-lid container in treasurer drawer).
  • Answer questions.
  • Ask new people their names.
  • Ensure that the CSC remains an inviting environment.
  • Keep the office open as much as possible.
  • Keep the office clean at all times.
  • Shame people for leaving their stuff around.
  • Make sure the fridge is always full of pop.
  • Empty out the paper recycling bin.
  • Empty out the blue recycling bin.
  • Promote discussions about computer science.
  • Spamming CSC propaganda on


The office staff should be aware of:

  • The IRC channel: #csc on See How to IRC.
  • Printing can be done through MathSoc from the office terminals, or through uprint using any computer (submit a job for "Hallway across from MC 3035" for the printer by the vending machines).
  • The office group, homedir, and mailing list.
  • The audio group. See Music.
  • How to use ceo.
  • syscom and exec emails.
  • How pop works.
  • How to use ssh.


Office staff training guide (incomplete):

  1. Become familiar with Office Policies and the above responsibilities.
  2. Learn how to add new members and update memberships with ceo.
  3. Learn how the library checkout system works.
  4. Learn how the music system works.
  5. Learn how the beverage system works.

raymo's useful bash functions

See also: keytabs

Put these in ~/.bash_functions for Elsa magic in the air. Disclaimer: Elsa magic works only in the CSC office and only on Christmas Eve.

# Expire user password
rp() {
#   ssh auth1 "sudo -S kadmin.local -q \"modify_principal +needchange $1\""
    sudo kadmin.local -q "modify_principal +needchange $1"

# Change user password
cpw() {
    sudo kadmin.local -q "cpw $1"

# Search CSC LDAP
lds() {
    ldapsearch -x uid=$1
    # Prettier but requires `kinit` before running
#   curl --negotiate -su : --service-name ceod$1 | jq

# Search UW LDAP for name
uws() {
    ldapsearch -x -h -b dc=uwaterloo,dc=ca "cn=$q"

# Search UW LDAP for QuestID
wid() {
#   ldapsearch -x -h -b dc=uwaterloo,dc=ca "uid=$q"
    curl -s$1 | jq