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Remember, this is a wiki. Edit!

Methods of advertising:

To CSC members:

  • CSC general email, sent out at regular intervals
  • CSC Website
  • IRC channel topic

To internet-denizens:

Posters (Most work, but important!): Print one, and use the CSC photocopy code in Mathsoc to make 80:

  • 6 to Mathsoc for their boards. They put them up.
  • 2 for inside the digimon lab, on the cork boards.
  • 5 for each CSC board:
    • big 3rd floor board
    • smaller 3rd floor board by QNC-side elevator
    • 2nd floor board
    • board outside office
    • one inside office
  • 50 Hallway posters: Make sure they are firmly attached with tape rolled behind all four corners.
    • 4 student-floors in MC * 5 stairwells * 2 posters each (40) on doors -- NOT WALLS. Use masking tape only.
    • 3 in DC-MC tunnel
    • 3 for Software engineering labs
    • 4 for DC lobby (on poles outside library)
  • FEDS postering in SLC. TBD how many and where to get approved.
  • 1: Engsoc postering Bring a stapler and copy-money, get engsoc to approve, copy there, then distribute.
  • 6: Especially if relevant to first years, get up REV & V1 cafeteria posters.

Try to make posters nice. Make sure to replace all the boilerplate. (I will stab people if I see EXTERMINATE on serious posters!)