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This page documents some stuff about the Sun 2900(s) loaned from MFCF.

RAID setup

These instructions for the RAID setup for potassium-nitrate come from Robyn Landers of MFCF.

To reconfigure, first need to unmap the existing LUNs from the host. In the telnet session to the management port...

view and edit Host luns

There are two: CHL 1 ID 0 (Primary Controller) and CHL 3 ID 1 (Secondary Ctlr).

  • choose CHL 1 ID 0
    • this brings up LUN 0 (logical drive 0, 279GB RAID5) and LUN 1 (logical drive 1, same)
  • choose LUN 0, and unmap it
  • choose LUN 1, and unmap it
  • checking CHL 3 ID 1, we find no LUNs there in the first place

Now reassign the drives.

view and edit Logical drives

There are two: LG (logical group?) P0, a RAID5 in "good' status, and LG P1, a RAID5 in "drv failed" status.

  • choose P1 and delete logical drive
  • go back out to "view and edit Drives" and now we see those drives are in LG_DRV "none", so far so good. Back to view and edit Logical drives.
  • choose P0 and delete logical drive P0. All drives are now unassigned.
  • choose the now-blank P0 and Create Logical Drive. Yep, it doesn't know RAID6, so choose RAID5. It puts up a list of all available disks. Hit Enter to select the ones we want. Chose 0 1 2 3, then next menu gives choice of Assign spare, so chose 12. Gives summary screen: RAID5, 4 drives, 1 spare, logical drive primary. Confirm. Accept several notifications about building it.
  • repeat for new LG P1 using disks 5 8 9 10, with 13 as spare.

Now need to combine these two RAID5 LUNs into single logical volume.

view and edit logical Volumes

  • table is empty
  • select LV 0, create logical volume
  • select both LGs, P0 and P1
  • accept default write policy and logical volume assignment, create the LV
  • now we have LV P0 consisting of 2 LDs

Next need to map this logical volume to the host.

view and edit Host luns

  • select CHL 1 ID 0 (primary controller)
  • select logical Volume
  • select LUN 0
  • only choice available is LV P0 that we just created. Select it.
  • leave it as one big partition, not our job to chop it up at this level. Size is 418,506 MB
  • only choice is Map Host LUN
  • LV 0 partition 0 to channel 1, ID 0, LUN 0 which I assume will end up as c1t0d0 from Solaris p.o.v.

All done. RAIDs are initializing in the background. Next step is at the OS level to label and partition this single logical volume.